Using any application requires the right set of skills and appropriate knowledge. When Tik Tok is concerned, you require the skills of singing and dancing as these are the two core features of the video based social medium. The inception of the app happened in the year 2014. Its founders Luyu Yang and Alex Zhu must not have predicted that the app will become so popular in such short time span. Now, the company, Tik Tok Inc. has offices in San Francisco and operates its worldwide base from its head office in Shanghai.

Using the application to become famous

The users of any Android or iPhone can download the app and use it to display their singing talents and get popular on the go. The app gives you the chance of making videos, which can be anything between 15 seconds to 1 minute long. The app has almost 14 filters that can be utilized for making changes in the video and the soundtrack. “Live moments” or musical GIFs can also be made with this application. But the first thing that you need is to master the skills of using the app. Here, you will get tips that will assist you in entering the Tik Tok world with a bang.

1. Being original
Originality is the primary requirement. All those who are set to make their big debut with Tik Tok must remember that copying someone else’s style is not going to get you far. Eventually, the viewers will understand that you don’t have any originality. When making videos, make sure you have something unique to offer. It is the only way of attracting eyes to your product.

2. Active participation
If you are new on Tik Tok or want to join it soon, then you must keep it in mind that the growth of your fame and fan base is directly proportional to your activity online. Taking breaks will also disrupt the chain online. It has been seen that people who are active on their profile and react to comments left by others have better chances of succeeding in the future.

3. Using cool names
Before you make your profile on the app, make sure that you have a name that will attract the attention of other musers. A fresh, unique and attractive name will enhance your chances of reaching out to more musers. Avoid using serious and such names that don’t relate too well to the teenagers.

4. Appropriate selection of the content
If you want to reach out to a large number of musers, make sure the content you are posting is fresh. Before making the video, pick the song and the moves. After the video has been recorded, use the appropriate filter and editing techniques for enhanced effects.

5. Keep confidence handy at all times
It is important for a beginner to know that they might not get success at the very start. The viewers might not be very merciful while giving their comments. Getting disheartened is very common. But the musers must not lose confidence. Never lose hope and continue to put your best foot forward. Learn from your previous mistakes, and you will do just fine on the social medium.