The latest music and video based app that has taken the market by a storm is the Tik Tok application. The app has been designed and developed by Luyu Yang and Alex Zhu. Officially, the application was launched in the market in the year 2014. It has only been few years but the video and music based social networking application has been hogging all the limelight. Till now, the app has been able to rope in more than 200 million users (the term used to identify the users of Tik Tok), and the number is only growing. With the assistance of this social media app, you will not only be able to connect with your pals but will also be able to create and post videos of you performing on the hit songs. It is after all the core concept of the application. As of now, the popularity of the app has forced the makers to open their bases in Shanghai and San Fransisco.

Get Famous on Tik Tok

Why Tik Tok Works

Music and love are two languages that cross all boundaries and reach directly to the hearts. It is a common practice for youngsters to dance to the beats of a popular song. With the invention of camera phones, YouTube, and other social networking sites, the drill among people to make and post videos is at an all-time high. Tik Tok will give you a chance to get famous instantly among your peers. The app will give you a feel of stardom.

Steps to become famous with Tik Tok

If you are a novice in the matters of making music videos, then the following steps will assist you in reaching the heights of success, at least on the social networking app.

Understanding the various features

Before making the video, you will have to download the Tik Tok application on your smartphone. The app is available to Android and iPhone users. Once the app has been downloaded, you must check out all the features that are available. From the face filters to the duet singing facility, understanding all these is a must if you want to create a music video that will be able to strike the right strings with the viewers and assist you in becoming popular.

Selecting the song and dance moves

The videos are posted on Tik Tok so that they can get likes from other users on the network. The more likes you get, the more are the chances of your video going viral. If the video goes viral, you will get the chance spread your fame all over the world without even moving a muscle. It will bring instant fame and stardom to your feet. For that, you need to pick a song that is trending at the time. Singing the song will not be enough. To make it spicy, you must shake a leg too. Choreograph the signature steps in your style, and you are all set to enter the world of stardom.

Selection of the filters and editing

Lastly; picking the right emoji and the face filter plays a major role in the making of a great video. Once the video is complete, you must edit it properly. Even the slightest mistakes can ruin your chances of becoming famous.

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